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St Andrew's Church, Biggleswade

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Services at St Andrew's

There is a regular pattern of services on Sunday and during the week at St Andrew's and you are very welcome to join us at any of the services. In addition to the regular services there are also special services to mark special events in the church's calendar such as Saint's days and other festivals.

Sunday Services

 8.00 amHoly Communion 
10.00 amFamily Communion(1st Sunday of month)
 Parish Communion(all other Sundays)
 6.00 pmEvensong 
 8.00 pm"Sunday at 8"(2nd Sunday of month)

Weekday Services

Tuesday7.15 pmHoly Communion
Thursday9.30 amHoly Communion


Special services are held on Saint's days and other festivals, as announced in the weekly notices, and in the Diary.

Service Styles and Formats

Each of our services has a particular style and format that gives each its own particular 'feel' and appeal. The short summaries below will hopefully give you some idea of the style of each, but the best way to find out is to come along and experience a service first-hand. We look forward to seeing you!

SUNDAY 8.00 am, Holy Communion

The 8 o’clock service is a quiet, contemplative service that is based upon a traditional language and style of worship. The structure and language remain close to the original “1662 Book of Common Prayer” which still today is a key source of the Church of England’s doctrine.

The service is a said service (without hymns) but otherwise includes all of the elements of a Holy Communion service; Bible readings, sermon, prayers and the Eucharist itself.

The combination of time of day, peaceful setting, and traditional language make this a very special service for many people.

SUNDAY 10.00 am, Family Communion

On the first Sunday of each month, the children stay in church for a Family Communion. This service follows the basic format of the Parish Communion service, but is even less formal and is specially planned to involve and engage the children in all-age worship.

The Bible reading is often presented in dramatic form, or a short play or dance are used to tell a Bible story or to explore a particular theme. The sermon then takes the form of a talk that picks up on the Bible story or theme, usually relating it to our lives, whatever our age.

The children are often actively involved in service, perhaps through drama, readings or prayers. The choir and music group join together to lead our singing, accompanied by organ, keyboard and our own band (drums, flutes, strings, brass, woodwind).

Tea and coffee are served in the Chapter House after the service giving a great opportunity to meet and chat with one another.

  • For dates of the Family Communions, please see the Diary page.
  • For more information on families and children at St Andrew's, go to Families at St Andrew's.

SUNDAY 10.00 am, Parish Communion

The Parish Communion service is the most widely attended of the Sunday services, and follows the Church of England’s “Common Worship” order of service. This service blends some traditional aspects of church services with modern language, and a relaxed open style. It a service that appeals to a wide cross-section of people; young and old, individuals and families.

During the Parish Communion, the children go into the Chapter House and Ivel Room for their own short service and Sunday School activities. The facilities cover all ages from a few months through to 13 – 14 in four different groups. After their activities, the children come back into church in time for Holy Communion.

The service usually includes a mixture of traditional hymns and modern songs, supported by both our robed choir and our Music Group. Of course the service includes all of the elements of a Holy Communion service; Bible readings, a sermon, prayers and Holy Communion itself.

Tea and coffee are served in the Chapter House after the service giving a great opportunity to meet and chat with one another.

SUNDAY 6.00 pm, Evensong

Evensong has a particular style and format that is unlike the other Sunday services. It is a non-Eucharistic service (there is no Communion) and it makes more extensive use of the psalms and canticles (songs from the Bible). But while it is traditional in character and content, Evensong is by no means antiquated! The hymns are sung in lively style, helped along by the choir; and great care is taken to make the psalm, the readings and the sermon stimulating and “user-friendly”.

These differences, combined with the early evening timing create a particular ‘feel’ to the service which is very important to many people. Evensong therefore has a strong and regular following, and is an important part of many people’s commitment on a Sunday. It is a good point at which to prepare for the new week that has just begun, and to take stock of your relationship with God, and what that will mean in the coming week.

SUNDAY 8.00 pm, "Sunday at 8"

"Sunday at 8" is a non-Communion service with a relatively informal style that is led by regular members of the church. The service combines a relaxed atmosphere with the best of modern songs and traditional hymns, and includes a reading and address, and a time of quiet response. Set at a later time in the evening, it provides an opportunity for reflection at the end of one week and the beginning of the next.

This is a service in which we will experiment with different styles of service, types of music, and explore different forms of response. In most services we encourage everyone to take part in some simple form of response, even if it's as simple as lighting a candle. We hope that this service will appeal to those who are new to the Christian faith, as well as to those who are keen to explore alternative styles of worship.

Tea and coffee are served in the Chapter House after the service giving a great opportunity to meet and chat with one another.

  • "Sunday at 8" services are usually held on the second Sunday of every month, but please check details on the Diary page.

TUESDAY 7.15 pm, Holy Communion

The Tuesday Evening service is a said communion service (without hymns) that takes place at the Trinity altar by the Chapter House door. This service has a small but loyal congregation who regard the opportunity to share communion at this time, and in a quiet and contemplative way, as an important anchor in their busy lives.

THURSDAY 9.30 am, Holy Communion

The Thursday morning Holy Communion service is very popular with a number of different groups, including parents with young children, and those who now don’t have so many daytime commitments.

The style of the service reflects the fact that there are many young families present, so it is quite informal and relaxed. The service takes the form of a said communion, but usually includes a hymn or song, often sung unaccompanied.

After the service, tea and coffee are served in the Chapter House so that there is an opportunity to meet and chat with one another.