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Christian Courses at St Andrew's

Christian Courses

At St Andrew's we run the Emmaus programme, which is more than just a course, it's a complete view of Christian development and growth. This page gives an overview of what Emmaus is all about. Either read through in sequence, or use the links below to go straight to your area of interest.

The Emmaus Programme

Emmaus Courses

What is Emmaus?

The Emmaus programme is a tried and tested series of courses and activities that are designed to introduce new people to the Christian faith, and to develop the faith of existing Christians. It takes its roots from the disciples’ encounter with Jesus on the Emmaus road as recorded in Luke Chapter 13.

Whether you are new to the Christian faith, or you already have an established faith, you can join in and be a part of this exciting programme. If you simply want to find out about the Christian faith, without any pressure to commit, that’s fine too.

A key component of the programme is ‘Finding the Way!’, a course in Christian basics, designed for those who are new to the Christian faith and for those who already have an established faith. For more information on ‘Finding the Way!’, click here or on the ‘Finding the Way!’ heading in the panel on the left.

Why Emmaus?

You will remember that following the Crucifixion, the disciples were finding it hard to understand what had happened to Jesus. Two of them were making their way from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

While they were on the road to Emmaus Jesus came alongside them and walked with them. They didn’t recognise him, and he was able to join in their conversation as they talked about what had happened recently in Jerusalem.

They talked together for some time and gradually Jesus started to explain to them the true meaning of recent events. He began to excite them and they wanted to know more, so much so that when the disciples reached their house they asked Jesus in, so that they could continue their discussion.

While they were having supper together, Jesus broke bread with them and revealed to them who He was. The disciples were so excited about their encounter with Jesus that they couldn’t wait to get back to Jerusalem to share with everyone what they had learnt.

Emmaus Approach

Emmaus is not just a course, or series of courses, but an approach to spiritual growth that allows us at St Andrew’s to respond to the many people that we come in to contact with. It enables us to offer you a path that you can follow towards a greater understanding of the Christian faith. Hopefully it will allow you to have your own encounter with God and to develop your own faith.

  • Emmaus is about us making contact with you, the community - to ‘meet you where you are.’
  • Emmaus helps us to accompany you as you explore your faith and walk along the Nurture path.
  • Emmaus encourages us to grow together, and to explore what it really means to be a Christian.
  • Emmaus is about us all coming together to support one another, whether we are new to the Christian faith, already walking along the spiritual path, or growing as we explore discipleship and faith in more depth.


The Emmaus programme is based upon Jesus’ approach to the disciples, and how he was able to both excite and reassure them. It uses this approach as a basis for evangelism, nurture and discipleship.

There are three sections to the programme, each addressing a different set of needs:

Contact is about bringing people who have not yet found their own faith, into the fellowship of the Church. We want to meet you and talk to you about what matters in your life, to share a joke, just to pass the time of day, and at the same time welcome you into the life of St Andrew’s

The Nurture programme is aimed at those who are new to the Christian faith as well as those who already have an established faith. A core component of the programme is the ‘Finding the Way!’ course which explores the basics of our faith. ‘Finding the Way’ consists of fifteen sessions, split into three separate blocks; each session is held at St Andrew’s Church and includes presentations and group discussion.

The Growth programme is designed for those who have a more established faith and want to develop further and explore more deeply what it means to be a Christian. It looks at a variety of topics and issues and seeks to strengthen people’s faith while at the same time allowing them to develop their ministry as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are running the Growth programme under the banner ‘Moving On’. Please watch out for announcements of when these courses are running!

How do I join?

We would very much like to welcome you on to our Emmaus courses or just simply welcome you at any of our regular services.

For information on specific courses or other activities, including how to join, please click on the appropriate menu item in the panel on the left.

Watch out for announcements of other courses and activities in the Emmaus programme, on this website and in the Church Notices.

If you are interested in the Emmaus programme but still a bit unsure, you might like to talk to someone at St Andrew’s who can tell you a bit more about it and suggest an appropriate point at which to join the programme. If so, please contact me, Chris Parker. You can e-mail me at