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About this Website

Thanks to Bernard

It's fair to say that this website wouldn't be here were it not for the enormous effort put in by Bernard, a member of the Communications Group at St Andrew's. Bernard was firmly committed to outreach and communication, especially to those still finding their faith, and he spent many hours creating this site. This included setting up the hosting service, email accounts, and of course preparing most of the content that you can now enjoy.

Sadly Bernard died during the early part of 2006, and we really are indebted to him for all the energy and effort that he put into creating this website. The updates that have taken place in late 2006 continue to build upon the material that Bernard had created, and my thanks remain with Bernard for all that he has done.

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The site makes use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which is a very powerful way of managing websites, by separating content from presentation. Having established a presentation scheme for this site, maintenance of the content has become much easier. I personally found the following links helpful when working with CSS and HTML:


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