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Public Worship and Coronavirus
In accordance with recent guidance, public worship in St. Andrew’s Church has now resumed.

At the present time, we have the privilege of the sacrament of Holy Communion [Said] on Sundays at 10.00 am and on Thursdays at 09.30 am. Please note that it is a legal requirement for worshippers to wear a face covering during public worship.

Conscious that for the time being many members of our community of faith will be prevented from attending public worship owing to extenuating circumstances such as shielding, our weekly Zoom Service of the Word will continue each Sunday.

Sunday Zoom Services

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us online for our Service of the Word on Sundays.  The connection details for the forthcoming services are below.  To join the service, click the link.

Sunday 25th October at 11.30 am (via Zoom)

You may also connect via audio only using a landline and the following details:

Dial: 0330 088 5830
Meeting: 826 3803 5350
Password: 049422

For further instructions, please download the weekly notices using the link below.

Keeping in Touch - Weekly Notices

Please do keep in touch via the weekly notices, copy available below.

Weekly Notices (25-Oct) - click here

To receive the weekly notices by email, please see the instructions in this week's notice sheet.

Keeping in Touch - Mafambisa

As you know, at this time of the year, we are usually preparing to send a team over to support our partner community in Mafambisa. This year was no exception but COVID-19 has affected communities across the world. 

To find out how the communities are affected, please download the documents here:

St Andrew's Team Africa 2020

Mafambisa Update

The Bishop of St. Albans' Golden Rules

Last week Bishop Alan shared some thoughts in relation to the COVID 19 pandemic. A précis:

Golden Rule One: Each one of us can think about how we can protect and support our neighbours. So much of the public rhetoric is sowing fear about the danger of other people. Offer help and reassurance to others – and don’t demonise anyone or any group.

Golden Rule Two: Think about who may be suffering more than me. For those of us who are healthy there is much less to worry about but the elderly, the housebound and those with chronic health conditions may be very anxious. Think about phoning others: a smile can bring cheer, even on the phone. If you visit, follow all the official precautions or don’t go.

Golden Rule Three: Don’t give into panic and start hoarding food. There is plenty to go around, so practise the Christian discipline of sharing. Ask your neighbours what they need and do your best to help them get it.

Golden Rule Four: Live today to the full. None of us ever know what the future holds. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus challenged his followers to live each day fully and not be afraid. ‘So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.’ Matthew 6.34.

And, don’t forget to pray. Here’s a suggestion by a priest in our diocese:

Dear God our Shield and our Defender, guide and protect my neighbour in this time of health emergency; deliver them from all harm and may your love and care ever grow in this place. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

Bishop Alan, St Albans